The Raw Method

The placenta is thoroughly rinsed. Blood clots, membranes, and cord are removed. Excess blood is removed from vessels. A piece of raw placenta is set aside to make the tincture.

After the placenta is thinly sliced, it is placed on the racks of the dehydrator until it is completely dehydrated. (This part takes a while)

The dehydrated placenta is finely ground and dispensed into vegan, non-GMO capsule shells. Your placenta capsules are placed into a beautiful tinted glass bottle, that protects them from too much light.

A small, raw piece of placenta is placed in a dark jar and covered with an 80 proof vodka for 6 weeks. The tincture is daily swirled during the 6 weeks and then strained of all solid pieces. The liquid is then kept in a dark glass dropper. The tincture will never expire and can be dropped under your tongue for a potent hormonal remedy at any time in your life; including menopause.

Your placenta pills and art will be delivered to your home within 3-4 days of birth. Sara will then discuss dosage recommendations with you as answer any questions you have about your placenta.

*This entire process is performed to meet and exceed the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards. Your health and safety are of utmost priority.

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